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Wholesale Suppliers of All Vegetables, Fruits and Exotic

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Shree Chamunda Veggies Company is located at Ahmedabad, and was established in 1960. We grow a complete range of seasonal veg.

We are able to supply Marriage, Paty, local Hotel, Restaurants and also deliver (Suppliers) all of our Vegetables, Fruits and Exotic to local Households.

Fruits and Vegetable from these sellers who provide it at the cheapest possible prices. wedding and party who provide it at the cheapest possible prices.

All vegetable and fruit supplies or order them online from your workplace. fast delivery by vegetable and fruits sellers listed at Shop and Restaurants. Moreover, you can buy exotic and imported fruits and vegetable.

You can order Exotic and Imported Fruits and Vegetable.

CALL +91-98983 88050 OR E-MAIL [email protected]

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